From supporting the seller to advising the buyer – SPS, a 360º vision of the NPL and REO market

SPS has a broad and extensive experience in the support and handling of Banking and Finance related litigation. We pride ourselves not only in being able to provide a full scope legal assistance of transactional and regulatory operations, but also to present a solution to debt emergent issues, such as refinancing, debt restructuring, restructurings and insolvency.

In relation to NPL and REOs, SPS advises buyers and sellers in the best strategies to be implemented, with detailed and accurate due diligences of the portfolios, NDA, SPA and debtor/creditor negotiations. SPS also gives support in evaluating any legal implications of specific initiatives that should be followed throughout all the stages of the operations, right from the get-go until the signing and closing of the deal.

At SPS we have a win-win perspective for both the seller and buyer.

We start from the ground up, helping financial institutions to achieve a fast and cost effective credit recovery, that will ultimately allow a conscious decision to sell a worthy portfolio.

We know how to make a fast and successful closing of the sale with a dedicated, seasoned and professional team that is willing and able to work with all the players involved – i.e. buyer, seller, public registration offices and notaries.

Given our past and ongoing experience in the field, we can assist the servicers/buyers not only to accomplish their goals, but also to take more accurate decisions on pricing and after-sales fast closing of files.


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