At SPS, we have a versatile, professional and very experienced team in this particular area of Litigation and we conduct our work in two major areas:

• Pre-legal and Judicial debt recovery;
• Counsel in the Purchase and Sale of Credit Portfolios.

With regard to Pre-legal and Judicial Debt Recovery, we have mastered the legal area on both sides – Creditors and Debtors/those declared Insolvent.

We’re organised by teams, according to the needs of each client, be they Individuals, Companies or large Corporations, because we understand that to better meet our clients’ needs, we need to adapt to their own organisation. Only thus are we able to achieve the results we do, efficiently and effectively.

We have a recognised track record of success, in providing counsel on consumer related issues, energy, banking tout court, factoring, etc.

Regarding the Purchase and Sale of Credit Portfolios, we allocate teams for projects to be carried out in-office or in secondment.

We use our vast national network to better perform the required due diligence in the analysis of portfolios for purchase – which may include legal enquiries – and, also, in the due diligence for the analysis of post-purchase put-back.

The pari passu assistance provided every step of the way helps us to quickly assess what changes or provisional additions to internal teams are required, namely for tasks related to proof of claim and representation in court proceedings.

We are aware that time is the critical factor in this type of counsel, which is why we take pride in our level of professionalism and commitment.


> Edmundo Batalha Reis
> Filipa Ruano Pinto
> Nédia da Fonseca Nunes
> Mónica Gonçalves Nunes