With a reputable track record in diverse sectors of the economy (industry, services, health and aeronautics), our Employment and Labour Department understands the client’s needs, in light of the constantly changing market.

We assess the specific case directly with our clients and deliver the most viable solutions both from a structural and from a financial perspective.

We provide legal assistance in all areas related to labour law and that of social security, aiding clients in all issues related with individual and collective recruitment.

As each client requires specific counsel, we design a strategy for each case, representing the client in all negotiations necessary, both before workers or their representatives and the syndicates and employer associations.

The vast experience we have in litigation enables us to defend our clients in any legal actions arising out of labour relationships.

We have led some corporate restructuring operations and M&A, having been acknowledged in these areas in prestigious international publications, such as “LEGAL 500” and, with regard to Tax Law, in “UK and European Legal Experts”.

SPS doesn’t only have companies, to whom it gives legal advice on a daily basis through their Human Resources and Management Departments, as clients, but individuals as well (as a whole or represented by Works Councils), to whom it provides counsel upon formalisation of the respective employment contracts and, especially, upon termination of said contracts.

Among the services provided over the almost 30 years of experience in labour law, the following are of note:
• Legal advice to the business sector, in order to ensure, from a preventive point of view, compliance of the various provisions and internal policies with labour law and to prevent the occurrence of possible labour disputes and, at a later date, ensure the efficient and expeditious resolution of such disputes;
• Negotiation and drafting of employment contracts, as well as employment contract termination agreements;
• Assistance in constitution and legal advice to Works Councils;
• Formalisation of processes for the secondment of personnel;
• Counsel in processes for the transfer of a business or lease;
• Assistance in proceedings in disciplinary action;
• Comprehensive assistance in redundancy processes;
• Assistance and providing counsel in collective dismissals (in representation of employer associations and of workers or respective Works Councils), namely:
• Legal representation in various labour proceedings (common proceedings arising out of an employment contract, contesting redundancy, contesting statutory dismissal).



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