Our Public & Urban Planning Law Department provides counsel to our clients, favouring direct contact and the sharing of “lawyer-client” knowledge, based on a result-oriented philosophy.

These characteristics allow us to be a flexible team with vast experience, allocating the resources necessary for the specific case, striving for tailor-made solutions.
We understand the needs of each client. We analysis all the assumptions and expected involvement to design the path which best meets their final objective.

We are proud of the partnerships we’ve built and of the flexibility we are able to offer our clients, be it domestically or abroad.

Thus, whether large or small scale, we have a track record of success in providing counsel on allotment, licensing, expropriations, tax planning for projects, public tenders, public-private partnerships, pre-contractual procedures, European procurement, etc., as well as extensive experience in administrative litigation, assisting and representing clients in all areas of Public Law.

We also assist our clients in their relationship with the regulatory bodies of each sector, always taking into account their objectives and the streamlining of processes.

Whenever necessary, the Public Law Department works in conjunction with the other departments, favouring expertise and, consequently, greater efficiency in handling matters entrusted to them.

Advogados responsáveis:
> Edmundo Batalha Reis
> Joana Ribeiro Pereira