Our Insurance Law Department has developed differentiated areas of practice over the years, in accordance with the various requests of our clients.

In addition to practising in Portugal, by virtue of our international presence, we also work with countless Insurers based in France, Luxembourg, Germany, England, Spain and Italy.

With proven success, we are proud of the team we have dedicated to this area. A team that, thanks to their level of expertise, has in-depth knowledge of the market and the main concerns of our clients.

We thus have a Litigation Department, a Consultancy Department and a Regulation and Supervision Department.

The first is specialised in what we know to be the critical issues for the success of the claims brought by and against insurers:
• (i) a very specific focus on the evidence to be presented before the judging entity;
• (ii) maintaining strong bonds of communication with clients, whom, in the pre-litigation management stage of the claims, obtain a lot of information that is key to the merit of the case;
• (iii) a clear awareness of the particular difficulties that arise out of a judicial decision, which requires increased effort in discovery;
• (iv) an ongoing concern with providing the clients with the information, for the purpose of the provision of claims.

On the other hand, our Consultancy Department prepares many of the contractual documents currently required under legislation, fully aware that such assistance should go hand in hand with the design and implementation of contractual practices and procedures, always taking into account prevailing legal requirements, purporting to the information to be provided to the consumer.

Finally, a development in the Regulation and Supervision Department is of note: due to the increasing levels of supervision, there has been an effort to develop this specific area.



> Pedro Malta da Silveira
> Carla Azevedo Gomes