“Bankruptcy Basics: Spotting Common Landmines and Mitigating Preferential Payments”

SPS Law Firm invites, on behalf of ALFA International Global Network, to the Webinar “Bankruptcy Basics: Spotting Common Landmines and Mitigating Preferential Payments” tomorrow, june 16th at 12h00 pm Central Time (CT).

SPS Law Firm is exclusive member in Portugal of the ALFA International Global Network, an international network of law firms with worldwide representation, holding over 150 members in 60 countries.

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About this WEBINAR:
“Receiving a bankruptcy notice for a prior vendor, customer, or business associate is a common, but an often confusing experience for companies of all sizes. During the webinar, the panelists will provide an overview of the bankruptcy process and some helpful tips on what to do after receiving a bankruptcy notice. The panel will discuss what actions a creditor should take to preserve its claim and maximize recovery. Additionally, the panel will delve into an all too common problem for creditors – preference litigation, which often arises when a single creditor accepts an inordinate payment from a debtor shortly before the debtor files for bankruptcy. The group will discuss how to avoid preference litigation as well as the various defenses a creditor may have in these proceedings.”