“COVID-19: Mitigating Business and Legal Risks”

SPS Law Firm invites, on behalf of ALFA International Global Network, to atend to the Webinar “COVID-19: Mitigating Business and Legal Risks” on August 5th

SPS Law Firm is exclusive member in Portugal of the ALFA International Global Network, an international network of law firms with worldwide representation, holding over 150 members in 60 countries.

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About this WEBINAR:
“Businesses throughout the country are struggling to reopen – and stay open – during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this webinar, we will discuss practical and reasonable ways to navigate the new normal, while mitigating risks of litigation. Topics will include the development and communication of safety protocols, ensuring compliance with state and local regulations, workers’ compensation, the role of waivers, and litigation risks, including the use of public nuisance common law.”