The present Covid-19 pandemic has brought a period of instability that affects not only companies, but also each of us as citizens.
We are on Your Side and therefore we have set up a multidisciplinary team that daily monitors all the new legislation that are issued and that tend to mitigate the effects of the current pandemic.

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Portuguese Covid19 General Status

13/march – Decreed State of Alert
16/march – Closure of schools and kindergartens
16/march – Border closure with Spain to tourists
18/march – 02/may – State of Emergency
• Mandatory containment to Covid-19 patients and to population at risk
• Home collection to the population in generally. Allowed to leave only in strict necessary terms
• Closure of all business which do not provide essential services or essential goods
• Social distancing requirement

09-13/april – Airports closure to passengers’ traffic
04/may – Ends the State of Emergency, with rules:
• Mandatory containment to Covid-19 patients and to population at risk
• Civic duty of home collection to the population in generally
• Over 10 people events, are not allowed
• Over 5 people per 100m square in indoor spaces, are not allowed
• Funerals allowed just with the family
• Public transports with maximum capacity of 2/3. Mask is mandatory
• Public customer services functioning with prior appointment. Mask is mandatory
• Street commerce up to 200 m square will open. Mask is mandatory
• Beauty services functioning with prior appointment
• Bookstores and automotive commerce, regardless of the area. Mask is mandatory
• Libraries and archives. Mask is mandatory
• Practice of individual outdoor sports. Swimming pool and changing rooms are not allowed
• Profissional practice in teleworking
18/may – The opening of some services:
• Street commerce up to 400 m square. Mask is mandatory
• Restaurants up to 50% of its capacity and closing at 23h
• Secondary School (from 16/17 years old) will open (10h-17h) with mask mandatory use
• Kindergartens – but the parents can choose to stay at home with their children for 2 more weeks, until the june 1st
• Disable social institutions
• Museums, monuments and palaces, art galleries
• Religious ceremonies: community celebrations according to rules to be defined between DGS and religious services
• Football: official competitions of the I Liga de Futebol and Taça de Portugal (without public).
• Partial telework, with outdated schedules or mirror teams
• Public customer service to citizens “Citizen shops”. mandatory use of mask/sanitization and cleaning
• Street commerce with over 400 m square and shopping centres. Mask id mandatory
• Day care centres, preschool and ATLs
• Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, concert halls (marked seats, reduced capacity and physical distance).

No date scheduled for opening of gyms, bars and discos

Disinfection measures are mandatory for all the spaces prior and after receiving customer/users


Civil/criminal trials suspended through march 11, 2020 – except for urgent or minors at risk diligences, with application of the judicial leave scheme until the prevention measures are removed.


Directorate-General for Health
Govermment of Portuguese Republic (portuguese only)
Superior Council of the Magistracy (portuguese only)

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