The present Covid-19 pandemic has brought a period of instability that affects not only companies, but also each of us as citizens.
We are on Your Side and therefore we have set up a multidisciplinary team that daily monitors all the new legislation that are issued and that tend to mitigate the effects of the current pandemic.

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Portuguese Covid19 General Status

13/march – Decreed State of Alert
16/march – Closure of schools and kindergartens
16/march – Border closure with Spain to tourists
18/march – 02/may – State of Emergency
• Mandatory containment to Covid-19 patients and to population at risk
• Home collection to the population in generally. Allowed to leave only in strict necessary terms
• Closure of all business which do not provide essential services or essential goods
• Social distancing requirement

09-13/april – Airports closure to passengers’ traffic
04/may – Ends the State of Emergency, with rules:
• Mandatory containment to Covid-19 patients and to population at risk
• Civic duty of home collection to the population in generally
• Over 10 people events, are not allowed
• Over 5 people per 100m square in indoor spaces, are not allowed
• Funerals allowed just with the family
• Public transports with maximum capacity of 2/3. Mask is mandatory
• Public customer services functioning with prior appointment. Mask is mandatory
• Street commerce up to 200 m square will open. Mask is mandatory
• Beauty services functioning with prior appointment
• Bookstores and automotive commerce, regardless of the area. Mask is mandatory
• Libraries and archives. Mask is mandatory
• Practice of individual outdoor sports. Swimming pool and changing rooms are not allowed
• Profissional practice in teleworking
18/may – The opening of some services:
• Street commerce up to 400 m square. Mask is mandatory
• Restaurants up to 50% of its capacity and closing at 23h
• Secondary School (from 16/17 years old) will open (10h-17h) with mask mandatory use
• Kindergartens – but the parents can choose to stay at home with their children for 2 more weeks, until the june 1st
• Disable social institutions
• Museums, monuments and palaces, art galleries
• Religious ceremonies: community celebrations according to rules to be defined between DGS and religious services
• Football: official competitions of the I Liga de Futebol and Taça de Portugal (without public).
• Partial telework, with outdated schedules or mirror teams
• Public customer service to citizens “Citizen shops”. mandatory use of mask/sanitization and cleaning (expect for Lisbon, being postpone two more weeks)
• Street commerce with over 400 m square and shopping centres (expect for Lisbon, being postpone two more weeks). Mask id mandatory
• Day care centres, preschool and ATLs
• Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, concert halls (marked seats, reduced capacity and physical distance).
• Gyms (reduced capacity and physical distance).


State of Alert – Continental Portugal
• Mandatory containment to Covid-19 patients and to population at risk
• Rules on distance, mask use, schedules and hygiene procedures are maintained
• Over 20 people events, are not allowed
• alcohol consumption it is forbidden on public roads
• Administrative offences
o € 100-500 (individuals)
o € 1.000-5.000 (legal persons)

State of Contingency – Lisbon Metropolitan Area
• Closure shops at 20h except:
o Restaurants and take-away services
o Supermarkets and hypermarkets (up to 22h)
o Fuel Supply
o Clinics and Vets
o Pharmacies
o Undertakers
o Sports facilities
• It is forbidden sale of alcoholic beverages at fuel supply services
• Over 10 people events, are not allowed

State of Public Disaster – 19 Parishes at Greater Lisbon
• Civic duty of home recollection
• Banned fairs and markets
• Over 5 people events, are not allowed
• Mandatory enhanced surveillance of confinements
• Healthy Neighborhoods Program

No date scheduled for opening of bars and discos

Disinfection measures are mandatory for all the spaces prior and after receiving customer/users


Civil/criminal trials suspended through march 11, 2020 – except for urgent or minors at risk diligences, with application of the judicial leave scheme until the prevention measures are removed.


Directorate-General for Health
Govermment of Portuguese Republic (portuguese only)
Superior Council of the Magistracy (portuguese only)

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