SPS Law Firm invites, on behalf of ALFA International Global Network, to the Webinar “INVESTIGATIONS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY” tomorrow, august 10th at 12h00 pm Central Time (CT).

SPS Law Firm is exclusive member in Portugal of the ALFA International Global Network, an international network of law firms with worldwide representation, holding over 150 members in 60 countries.

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About this WEBINAR:
“Everyone knows that a company should have a policy and do an investigation. But what happens when the investigation goes wrong? When do employees quit? When the complainant is anonymous? When a current employee files the complaint with the EEOC before filing with the company? This session will explore some of the more advanced issues of investigations, attorney-client communication and work product, the Faragher defense, and the impact an investigation gone wrong can have on a company. ”