Riding the COVID-19 Turbulence in LATAM

SPS Law Firm invites, on behalf of ALFA International Global Network, to atend to the Webinar “Riding the COVID-19 Turbulence in LATAM” tomorrow, on april 23rd

SPS Law Firm is exclusive member in Portugal of the ALFA International Global Network, an international network of law firms with worldwide representation, holding over 150 members in 60 countries.

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About this WEBINAR:
As the human cost of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate, so too does the commercial and economic impact across the Globe. Stock market rollercoasters and supply chain disruptions, have been felt Worldwide. Many manufacturers, retailers, transport providers, hotels and restaurants have already experienced significant financial strain. Commodity prices have also come under pressure, from oil and gas through metals, to raw materials and foodstuffs.

During the past weeks, lawyers have had an increasing number of enquiries from clients on a daily basis as to how to manage force majeure risk, contractual suspensions, terminations and breaches, as well as workforce management, including the possibility to suspend or even dismiss workers due to business closures, as a result of isolation quarantines ordered by the different Governments.

As part of ALFA International COVID-19 webinar series, this webinar will explore the impact of the pandemic in Latin America. Legal experts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico shall analyze the situation in each jurisdiction and suggest strategies so as to help clients and colleagues with interests in LATAM, navigate their way around the different issues.