“Remote Considerations: Ethical Concerns Beyond the Pandemic”

A SPS Advogados convida, através da ALFA International Global Network, a assistir ao Webinar “Remote Considerations: Ethical Concerns Beyond the Pandemic”, dia 25 de Agosto, às 12h Central Time (CT).

A SPS Advogados é membro exclusivo em Portugal da ALFA International Global Network, uma rede internacional de sociedades de advogados com representação em todo o mundo, com mais de 150 escritórios de advogados membros, presentes em mais de 60 países.

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Sobre este Webinar:
“COVID-19 created unprecedented situations in every job and industry, including the legal field. Change, evolution and adaptation became commonplace as everyone learned how to continue operating at both work and home. Law firms sent their workforces home to keep them safe, but also had to keep the lights on, continue to zealously advocate for and represent their clients and abide by their ethical duties. One area where ethical questions arose, involved the virtual practice of an attorney. As remote work is here to stay, this webinar will address recent Formal Opinion 498 from the American Bar Association (ABA), which provides guidance on various ethical duties surrounding virtual practice. Join us as we explore the rules articulated in the guidance, discuss German/European counterparts and perspectives and provide practical ways to abide by ethical rules while working remotely.”