Living in a digital age where paper is increasingly replaced by digital channels, our department is particularly oriented towards providing comprehensive assistance in information technologies and e-commerce.

We, therefore, assist not only companies that operate in the IT sector (of note mobile network operators and IT operators), but also, in general, any entity that, in the context of its business requires online procurement, the electronic signature of documents and electronic commercial communications (commonly known as “unsolicited commercial communications”) and direct marketing.

In this regard, we are prepared to suggest and validate the content of e-contracts and agreements, websites and marketing communications.

Of note, due to our experience working with the banking and insurance sectors, is the electronic procurement of financial services, an area in which, given the importance of the services engaged, requires daily monitoring of legal and regulatory provisions, as well as of domestic and community jurisprudence which have increasingly stricter requirements with regard to the type of and manner in which pre-contractual information is sent to clients.



> Edmundo Batalha Reis
> Sara Henriques