SPS Law Firm launches new office concept

In its renovated workspace, SPS Law Firm established a new paradigm on which it decided to build its working model for the future, consolidating its new philosophy. In a pioneering approach, it focuses on achieving the perfect balance between work and family.
The architectural project, having a modern design as the starting point, has the signature of OPENBOOK, which highlights the following:
“This interior architecture project was based on the rehabilitation of the pre-existing workplace, in a new design that reflects the hybrid work model adopted. An office that assumes itself as a meeting point for a new normal, unpretentious, and informal, but at the same time modern and innovative. A workplace focused on collaboration and well-being of employees, which meets the trends of post-pandemic offices.”
“With a 360º view over Lisbon, natural light has been safeguarded and made the most of through a plant without opaque physical barriers. All cabinets have glass partitions with curtains, giving privacy without creating barriers to natural light.”
“The design focused on the common and collaborative areas, such as the merger of reception with the hub. The care for visual and acoustic comfort was taken into account, especially in the work areas, with the presence of acoustic panels and the use of plants and vegetation as an architectural element. Portugalism is present in the choice of materials such as stone, cork and burel, with sustainability also taking a leading role.“
This new concept also has a reduction in the office space area, in order to embrace a new work policy that will allow the return to face-to-face work, while partially maintaining a teleworking scheme. “Paper free”, “clean desk” and “free sitting” are all new concepts that have been adopted in this new working model of SPS LAW FIRM.
The new space has been redesigned with people in mind, in their convenience and well-being, focusing on teamwork, corporate socialization and the sense of group and community.

An innovative, technological, and sustainable space, where everyone, employees and customers feel comfortable! We are in the right place!

photo credits: spacesandplaces.pt