SPS sponsors the NPL Iberian Forum in Lisbon

SPS is sponsor at the 5th edition NPL Iberian Forum, an CMS eventos conference, held in in Lisbon, October 3rd.

The NPL market is yet active and growing, not only in Portugal but all over Europe, demanding to its players to increasingly sophisticated solutions and new mechanisms of actions. SPS follows closely this market development, as well the national and European legislation that emerged with it, this is the reason why has been present in several NPL discussion foruns in the Iberian and European market.

Through its technologic and innovation center SPS has committed to develop platforms with documents and management system tools, allowing a rapid and effective response, expediting the projects with full autonomy and control. SPS it is engaged in delivering cost effective answers on NPL, to its clients, having advised major deals in Portugal, within the last two years.

SPS attends to the conference with the partners Edmundo Batalha Reis, Filipa Ruano Pinto, Nédia da Fonseca Nunes, e Mónica Gonçalves Nunes and the managing associates Jorge Neta e Pedro Cabral.